Have you ever wanted XRAY VISION?

Now you can with this amazing HYPNOTIC SEXPERIENCE

See through clothing like you never imagined one could...

You may not look at others the same way again!

(Simply hover over these images to emulate what you may start to see)

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What people say about Xray Vision Sexperience.

By: l z on 12/14/2016

Ivy has a way of transporting one to their fantasy, enhancing the reality thru imagination and wishing it so. Experience this for yourself by letting Ivy in, allowing her to lead you thru the process that only gets better each time you let go, xray vision lets you see....

By: h g on 12/04/2016

I really love Ivy's voice and accent! Her cadence and delivery in Xray Vision Sexperience is perfect for trancing, so soft, sexy, enticing... a lot of imagery, at least for me. I couldn't stop listening to it. I looped it through the night, hearing something different each time. Would love to hear more from Ivy.

By: G A on 12/03/2016

Ivy is truly skilled. I fell into the deepest trance that I have experienced so far. This is especially impressive since this is a relatively short session. I listened to it twice and I did get some results. The effects only kick in if you see someone you find attractive. I never achieved full x-ray vision, but I was very aware of the shape and movement of the female body underneath the clothes. I believe the effects will be more pronounced with more listens.

By: k l on 12/02/2016

After just one session I found my mind more focused on seeing the unseen. While I didn't have any success it was clear my subconscious had a mind of its own. Now after seven times listening the experience is nothing short of amazing. Even quick glances generates some sort of result. Bob and his team have to be credited for this one. And yes Ivy Trubel is very easy to listen to.

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